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I feel absolutely amazing, thanks for asking. Life is very sweet right now, and I have nothing to complain about. There's an old saying that ‘It's a great time to be alive’, and now is that time for me. I'm focusing on my journey and assisting others in theirs.  

Tell us a little about how ‘Embodied Entrepreneur’ began and what have been the highlights and challenges since starting?   

‘Embodied Entrepreneur’ was born two years ago as a coaching business that supported the minds of women entrepreneurs. It has since moved on however was inspired by my yoga teachings, where I’d be approached by women yoga students after class who’d be looking for coaching support off the mat. I listened to my ‘calling’, and subsequently completed my coaching training as a Transformational Coach and then a Master Coach IAPC&M. My highlights have been winning the Mixcloud Best Online Talk Show Award 2018 in the business section for my radio show ‘Mind Your Business with Nicolette Wilson-Clarke’ on Wandsworth Radio. The show has shifted from supporting the minds of women entrepreneurs to developing the minds of creative entrepreneurs through sharing tips and tools alongside weekly guests and experts.   My present challenges are that with success comes development and change. As a result of winning the Mixcloud Award, I am now primarily working with and supporting the minds of creative entrepreneurs as a Master Coach. This has been a long standing passion of mine and it’s an honour to be called upon to support the unique mental challenges of this dynamic and inspiring niche.   So with success comes surrender, letting go, new beginnings and the unknown.

You're a Senior Yoga Teacher. How long have you been practicing and teaching yoga?   

I started yoga when I was the Fitness Manager of a health club and I needed to hire a yoga teacher. He came in and asked if he could be a regular part of the club timetable so I employed him. It was then that I started going to his classes and that's where my own yoga journey began. Prior to this, I hadn't practiced any form of yoga….this was over 15 years ago now!  

How has yoga impacted your life?  

It introduced me to stillness and the power of my mind. Yoga is psychology among other things and I realised that with increased awareness of my thoughts I could be as powerful as I chose to be.   The practice of yoga has assisted me in realising my dreams because I now understand that the primary function of the mind is to keep me safe and alive - which I'm very grateful for.    For example, setting up a business is not life-threatening but the brain doesn't know the difference between a mild concern and a life threat so it reacts in the same protective way when we become afraid. The fear of starting a business and realising a vision can keep us where we are and away from the unknown - in safe mode. It often results in us choosing not to lead with our dreams.   Bringing awareness to this starts the journey of managing your mind and distancing yourself from non-serving thoughts. The result is a movement towards thoughts of positive abundance, courageous living and a fulfilled life.  This is the service that ‘Embodied Entrepreneur’ offers its creative coaching clients and it was the power of yoga that paved the way.

You mentioned that you were in the fitness industry, how long was this for?  

To date it’s been over 25 years. I left it professionally about 12 years ago.

“So with success comes surrender, letting go, new beginnings and the unknown.”


What have been your highlights for the year so far? 

1. Being a finalist and a winner of the Best Online Talk Show in the business section of the Mixcloud Awards 2018 for my local radio show ‘Mind Your Business with Nicolette Wilson-Clarke’ on Wandsworth Radio.

2. Having the opportunity to coach courageous women entrepreneurs who trust me to support them in taking their business and life journeys to the next level.

3. Having the courage to shift niches to where my passion lies from women entrepreneurs to creative entrepreneurs. I’m presently coaching the mind of the acclaimed solo artist Byron Gold also the Creative Director of The Gold Vocal Collective (GVC) as seen on Sky TV’s Sing Ultimate A Cappella show in 2017. Supporting his desire to focus on his solo career by positively and professionally supporting his thinking processes is an honour as his achievements unfold.  I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with innovative creative entrepreneurs who trust me to walk with them on their creative journeys.

4. Having the opportunity to be a part of the rehearsal process and witness the spectacular performance of the July 2018 five-star reviewed dance celebration including Byron Gold and GVC called ‘East Wing – Storm the Tower’ which celebrated the history of London. It was created and directed by Israeli-born contemporary dancer/director Hofesh Schecter and performed at the Tower of London.

5.  Being invited back to work with award-winning choreographer Julia Cheng as her Mind and Body Consultant on the powerful historical dance piece Orlando Warrior at the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of their Friday Late programme in Summer 2018. I had previously worked with her at the South Back Centre on the same piece during the Chinese Festival the year before which she’d produced and performed in.

All of this has taught me about gratitude and never giving up on your dreams.


What are your next moves for the rest of the year ahead?  

I will be focussing on four objectives for 2018/2019.    My first will be on developing my coaching business as I continue to work with the minds of creative entrepreneurs and assist in encouraging positive mental health.   

The second will be developing my public speaking career with more speaking engagements on the power of the mind and overcoming mental limitations.  The third will be a focus on bringing more awareness to my radio show Mind Your Business so that it may benefit the minds of even more creatives.   

Finally, I’ll be concentrating on developing my professional voice-over career where I can honour my own creative passions.

The Truth Q's


How do you unwind and relax when you are not working?      

Friends and family are very important to me so I enjoy relaxing with them.  I enjoy self-care so I love having a Jacuzzi steam and sauna as well as using the gym as well as doing yoga and Pilates.  90% of the time I feel relaxed enough without having to  carve out relaxation time.   I read and love to laugh so anything that brings me joy.  I listen to music and I love movement.   I enjoy self-development and those are relaxing things for me.          

What are you reading at the moment?      

I am currently reading a book called ‘Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula to Sell Anything Online to Build a Business You Love and Live the life of Your Dreams" by Jeff Walker.  The other book I am currently reading is called ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ by Gabrielle Bernstein.   

What would you say has brought you personal joy?   

Having a family that keep me grounded and loved. Having a career that I continue to create where I’m fortunate enough to assist others in seeing their greatness.

Thanks for taking your time to chat to us and we wish you all the Sweet success for the future and of course cannot wait to hear more! Stay Sweet!

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