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In our recipe corner we will be bringing you our latest recipes that will get your taste buds jumping.  Whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan there is something for everyone to enjoy so stay tuned!   


Red, Gold & Greens (Ackee & Kale Stew)


A colourful Jamaican Classic, suitable for all to enjoy and is bound to get your taste buds tantalised.

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Hungarian Beef Stew Pie


Hungarian Stew is a classic winter warmer! We wanted to put our own special spin on this by adding pastry to the mix.

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Banana Cake


Delicious and indulgent Banana Cake recipe, using less sugar and more fruit for a lighter taste. 

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Stew Peas Recipe


Traditional and hearty Stew Peas recipe, using beef chunks and Red Kidney Peas.

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Saltfish Fritters


Crispy, fluffy and delicious Saltfish Fritters! Great for starters and party bites.

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Jerk Chicken Supreme


Tender and juicy oven cooked Jerk Chicken Supreme, served with whole cous cous and creamy callaloo.

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Turkey Burgers


Homemade juicy Turkey Burger recipe, that will leave you wanting more!

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Cornmeal Porridge


This wonderful Jamaican breakfast classic will keep you filled until lunchtime!

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Fillet Bream and Sweet Potato


Succulent Fillet of Sea Bream on a bed of Sweet Potato and Steamed Peppers.  Good for all those Fish lovers.

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