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We are Simone and Robert are a couple who’s aim is to promote and share stories from not only from ourselves but family, friends as well as local businesses and more.  We not only work full time but in our spare time we love to travel, keep fit, make delicious meals and enjoy going out on many adventures.

We have been fortunate to know and meet many talented and amazing people and want to showcase their talent and life to inspire others as well bring people together and wish to bring you the latest in local and international talk, fashion, business news, food recipes and much more. 

Got something to promote? a news story to share, an up and coming event or just want to talk? We’d love to hear from you, so get in touch and share your story or idea with us and we will give you a big shout out!

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  • Are you a home cook or have a food business......share your recipes and wonderful food creations with us!!

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